Village Gate of Farmington Car Show, April 30th, 2011

VGF043011 012After a couple of rain out, Cruisin’ Photography’s first outdoor show of the 2011 season was at the Village Gate of Farmington independent senior living complex. The show, staged in conjunction with our friends from the Bristol Auto Club (BAC), was held between 1pm and 4pm and was a very relaxing way to spend a fine Saturday afternoon.

Kathy and I had been invited to the show by BAC’s director of communications and webmaster, Dave Champagne. We’ve known Dave for several years, but don’t get the chance to meet up with him very often. The BAC has a 1955 Chevrolet 3100 truck that needed to be photographed for one of our car show display boards, and Dave thought that this seemed like the ideal opportunity to take the shots amid the scenic grounds of Village Gate.

We had only been there a few minutes before Dave spotted us admiring his screaming-yellow ’01 Corvette. After exchanging handshakes and hugs (for Kathy, not me!), Dave took us over to see the truck and to meet some of the BAC club officials. Club president Reggie L’Heureaux came over to greet us as we chose a location for the photos.

We moved the truck and I set to work capturing the images I’d need for the display board. The shoot was problem free and the images were soon in the bag (well, on my memory card, but you know what I mean!). Dave said that he some construction shots of the truck I could use. These will give a nice variation to the traditional show boards that don’t feature pictures like this very often.

With the truck returned to its display spot, Kathy and I took a look around at the rest of the vehicles on show. Many of the Village Gate residents were taken around the grounds to enjoy the cars. No doubt more than a few memories were bought back upon seeing the classic cars of the fifties and sixties.

Mixed in among the classics were several Corvettes. Kathy was particularly taken with the Atomic Orange late-model example parked next to Dave’s Millennium edition car. A couple of standouts for me were a 1951 Mercury lowrider and a superb two-tone green 1950s Oldsmobile Super 88.

All in all, it was an enjoyable few hours at the Village Gate. It was a nice way to start the outdoor season with some cool cars, some nice weather and great hot dogs prepared by the Village Gate kitchen crew!

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