Low-N-Furious 1st Annual Cruise Night, May 28th, 2011

LNF052811 054Cruisin’ Photography was on the road again on Saturday, May 28th. Dave and I took an evening drive to Waterbury, CT, for the first annual Low-N-Furious cruise night at Tony’s Tires and Wheels. We hadn’t been there very long before Albert and Santos from Leather & Sound turned up in their Hondas. After exchanging greetings with the guys, we saw the friendly face of our friend, Juanito, the owner of the superb “Scarface” Toyota. Juanito was on DJ duty for the evening.

A good-sized number of vehicles were already parked and being polished to perfection. The always-memorable Vanformer was there, this time in the hands of the always-memorable Todd Vaillancourt. Vanformer won the Best of Show trophy.

CT’s Xotics had a strong representation, which earned the club three first-place trophies and Best Club when the awards were presented. Dave and I thought Sam Vega’s Nissan 350Z was looking very stylish on its new rims.

Luis Rosario, of the Massachusetts BDC Auto Club, arrived in his airbrushed Toyota station wagon. The crew from BDC certainly covers the miles attending the shows. They seem to have been everywhere we’ve been this year!

Three early VW bugs, along with a couple of classic Toyotas, made up the “Old Skool” section. The fabulous detail work on all five of these cars deserves more than a passing glance. Parked next to the Bugs was Dreamz II Reality’s Jeff “Shaggy” Alexander’s Grateful Dead-themed Scion. This made for an interesting contrast.

Crystal Weber of High Life Creationz is now three-for-three on the season, after taking home another trophy for her well-turned-out Saturn. While we were taking our shots, Creative Illusions Car Club vice-president Ernie introduced himself and asked if we would take a team photo of them. Creative Illusions has some nice cars in its ranks and we hope to see them again throughout the year.

Though their cars weren’t ready, the Front Line Auto Club was out in full force. It was good to see president John “Boo” Velez, PRO Rosa, Michelle, “Big Pops” and the rest of the crew again. The guys traveled from Bridgeport to support Low-N-Furious after spending a few hours in New York attending another show.

As the sun went down, we decided it was time to take our leave. It had been a long, but enjoyable day.

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