Mustang Car Club of New England Annual Spring Round Up, June 26th, 2011

MU062611 003After being a wet-weather victim two weeks previously, the Mustang Car Club of New England staged its Annual Spring Round Up at Mustangs Unlimited in Manchester on Sunday, June 26th. A Mustang show is always a favorite event with Kathy and me, and we were looking forward to this show. After parking in the Sovereign Bank lot and getting the camera gear ready, we were attracted to a beautiful SVT Cobra in black with flames. This car looked superb, and it wasn’t even in the show.

We crossed Adams Street and walked into the Mustangs Unlimited parking lot and saw well over 100 of Ford’s finest. There were Mustangs of all ages, from mid-60s classics to 2011 models. Certain cars are associated with certain colors, like red Ferraris, and when it comes to Mustangs, that color is Grabber Orange. Any model in this hue stands out like a beacon begging to be photographed.

We had been there for a while admiring the Cobras, GT500s, Saleens, Roushes and many other models when we noticed a large gathering near the exit. We exchanged a smile when we realized that the Aussie-built 1976 Ford Falcon XB of our good friend Kim Kerr was causing the commotion.

Kim had contacted us earlier in the week about shooting “Mad Max” for a Digital Auto Art print and new one-of-a-kind car show Display Print. When I mentioned that we would be at Mustangs Unlimited, Kim said he would meet us there. When he arrived he asked the event organizers if he could bring the car in and they readily agreed.

Kim had the Falcon imported from an Aussie salvage yard several years ago and after sourcing original parts through the Internet, he rebuilt the car and it’s now a crowd pleaser wherever it goes.

We chatted with Kim as a steady stream of onlookers asked questions about the car. We commented on the similarities between the Falcon’s bodywork and that of the late 70s Mustangs. Kim was keen to point out the new “zoomie” pipes he’d had fitted. He also told us how he had already taken four Alleve to combat the headache the pipes had given him on the drive down! I managed to get my shots wrapped up and Kim left as quietly as he could.

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