The Foundation Car Show, July 23rd, 2011

FCS072311 011It was a hot and sultry Saturday, and Dave and I found ourselves on Route 2 heading for the Mohegan Sun casino and a much welcomed afternoon’s diversion.

We relaxed at Margaritaville and enjoyed what can only be described as an avalanche of nachos, fueling ourselves for a little gambling. We didn’t win and we didn’t lose, but we did have a lot of fun before heading over to Girard Ford in Norwich for The Foundation Car Show, where the fun continued.

Upon arrival, we ran into Joe Araujo, President of Eastern Connections Auto Club. He teased us about coming down to visit his neck of the woods. I couldn’t help but notice that he had his Cruisin’ Photography Auto Montage displayed in front of his 1992 Chevy Caprice.

Adrian Hernandez arrived in style in a metallic green Chevy Monte Carlo lowrider. We had first met Adrian last year at The Regiment Life Star Car Show in Hartford. This isn’t a car you’d forget, with its colorful artwork on the hood and trunk and white interior. Adrian posed the green beauty in a variety of stances that showed the versatility of the Monte’s hydraulic suspension. The low-riding Chevy was the most photographed vehicle of the night, showing up on nearly every camera phone and compact camera.

We hadn’t seen John “Boo” Velez, Frontline Auto Club president, in a while, so it was good to catch up with him to hear what’s been going on in Bridgeport. We were sorry to hear that his sister, Rosa, the Frontline PRO, was not up to par. Feel better soon Rosa!!!

Some of my favorite cars were a black Nissan GTR, a black BMW M3 and a Porsche Cayman parked together, and a silver BMW M3. Wouldn’t I love to see one of them parked in my driveway soon!! I was also attracted to a sweet silver M3 with multi-colored LEDs around its headlamps. The owner very kindly closed the hood to allow Dave to capture some images of the Beemer as it showed off the full range of its light colors.

We had a very enjoyable, if warm, evening at the show. The free hotdogs, hamburgers and cool drinks were most welcomed and made us happy and hydrated for the ride home.

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