Dreamz II Reality Summer Dreamz Cruise Night, July 27th, 2011

DIIR072711 041The only thing for certain about a Dreamz II Reality Summer Dreamz cruise night is that you never know what vehicles will fill the Bart’s Drive-In parking lot in Windsor.

This time around, a great-looking rat rod settled in among the classics and imports. The truck was a superb example of what appears to be the lone rule of rat rodding – to use whatever resources you have to customize your vehicle – like a wrench as the gear shift and a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer can as the radiator overflow tank. “The Home Wrecker” was further customized with an old bike in the pickup bed, what looked like two gun barrels coming out of the front fenders and a pair of Coupe de Ville rear fenders.

Preparing to take some photos, I caught sight of a brilliant blue and green ‘Busa about to make the turn into Bart’s. Dave and DIIR President Jerry Zayas told me to look out for the second bike. If I liked the first ‘Busa, I loved the second one, decked out in eye-catching purple and pink paint. I teased Rosa, the owner, about how much fun she had riding it and she quickly agreed to pose for a picture.

Moving away from the ‘Busas, we were introduced to the newest member of DIIR, Crystal and Matt’s little cutie, Lana. She’s going to be a heartbreaker. Matt looked quite at home holding his daughter. We also got to congratulate DIIR members Tommy and Elia on their recent engagement.

Mike Brough, President of High Life Creationz, and Crystal Weber arrived on Mike’s lime-green Kawasaki. After seeing Sam Rivera’s new Auto Art the previous evening, Mike quickly asked if Dave could create a similar image for him. Once we got Tommy off the bike, the photos were soon taken.

As we carried on strolling around the parking lot, I had to stop and tell Chuck what a stunner his Camaro was. I mentioned that a new Camaro in lime green was my favorite and Chuck said it was his too, but Chevy had discontinued that color. I thought his second choice – navy with silver stripes – combined the elegance and aggressiveness of this late-model American classic.

Once again, DIIR provided a great evening of cars, bikes and good company.

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