Tri-State Cruisers Cruise Night, July 30th, 2011

PT073011 036Dave and I have been hearing good things about the bi-weekly Tri-State Cruisers Saturday Night Cruise in the Sears Plaza in Putnam and our curiosity prompted our first trip to the eastern corner of Connecticut on Saturday. Drawing on cars from not just Connecticut, but Rhode Island and Massachusetts as well, this cruise promised to have many cars that we hadn’t seen before.

Early on, the familiar face of Joe Araujo, President of Eastern Connections Car Club, greeted us. The previous week, he had teased us about being in his neck of the woods at the Foundation Car Show held at Girard Ford in Norwich. On this Saturday evening, he kidded us about being in his backyard. Joe had left his 22-inch wheeled Chevy Caprice (and Cruisin’ Photography Auto Montage!) at home and had made the short journey to Putnam with Bryan Robbins in his slammed Chevy truck.

Highlight of the night for me – besides seeing Joe, of course – had to be meeting Walter and getting up close to his drop-dread gorgeous red Chevy Impala. He said he had to add four feet on to his garage to park this beauty and its Continental Touring Kit, but it was worth it. Walter went on to explain that he restores military vehicles, and had restored a jeep and made it a replica of one he drove in the service during the Korean War. A gentleman from New Jersey had seen Walter’s ad in a military vehicle magazine. He drove down and purchased the jeep on the spot.

Parked among the classics, hot rods and muscle cars was a sweet-looking 2000 Toyota Celica in white. With its blue neon lights glowing, this ride got a lot of attention and compliments. The owner proudly told Dave and me that he had done all of the work himself, and he did a great job!

Sadly, the light began to fade before we got to take photos of all the cars and bikes, but we saw enough to know that we would be back again before the season was over.

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