CT Street Legends/CT GTO Car Club Benefit Car Show, August 6th, 2011

SL080611 038The spirit of generosity was alive and well as more than 100 show cars filled the parking lot at The Arena in Newington on Saturday.

An outpouring of support raised more than $3,500 in donations for Stan and Terry Rogers, mainstays on the Connecticut car scene, at the benefit car show sponsored by the Connecticut Street Legends and the Connecticut GTO Club.

The duo was injured this spring when a traffic accident totaled their late-model car. Stan, who was already in a wheelchair, suffered a broken neck and shoulder. Air bag deployment left Terry with burns on her arms.

Dave and I decided that this was an event we couldn’t miss after Street Legends member Bob Serra shared a flyer with us. “We’re just overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity,” Serra said after the show. “The Street Legends have gotten to know Stan and Terry and we’ve presented them with a #1 Fan trophy. Terry came up to me on June 16th when we were setting up for the Cruisin’ Newington car show and told me what had happened. That night after the show when the club members got together at Newington Pizza, I suggested we do a benefit show for Stan and Terry. The vote was unanimous, and you saw the results here today.

“We put Stan and Terry’s picture on the flyer because so many people know them from all of the car shows they attend. You’d be hard pressed to find a show where people don’t know the Rogers.”

Marty Martin arrived in his Caddy, with Cousin Mac holding court in the backseat. “Mac has his own Facebook page, with videos of him driving the Cadillac,” said Marty. Mac, who just happens to be a skeleton, was dressed to impress. He also had his cell phone, a jar of Grey Poupon and a copy of Connecticut Cruise News with him. Marty readily obliged when I asked to photograph him, and made sure I didn’t neglect Mac.

Dave and I met Buzz as we admired his black 1931 Model A Ford. “I’ve owned this car for three years and I drive it as often as I can.” Buzz also mentioned that he owns a Oldsmobile 442 that Dave and I would love to get a look at.

Car enthusiasts Justin and Matt gladly posed for me in front of a sweet 1968 Buick Riviera. Peter Gacek came from Berlin in his great looking 1956 Chevy Bel Air. Always a favorite of mine is Bill’s red Studebaker Lark. This was the first time during 2011 that Dave and I have seen him, so it was good to catch up on what he’s been up to.

Street Legends member Rick Camilleri’s black 1956 Corvette is one car that Dave and I never get tired of seeing. We’ve had our eye on it since we picked it as our Star Car at an Arby’s cruise in May of 2010.

While a couple of the Street Legends were out selling raffle tickets, we got the rest of the crew to pose for a team picture. Four members of the CT GTO Club were also on hand and were kind enough to pose for us, as well.

Congratulations to the Street Legends and GTO clubs. You held a superb event for a great cause.

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