Mass Cruisers Bass Pro Shop Cruise, August 18th, 2011

MC081811 331I used to think 800 cars at a cruise night was a huge turnout. Not any more. I got spoiled when Dave and I took the two-hour drive to Foxboro on Thursday, August 18th for the Mass Cruisers’ Cruise Night at the Bass Pro Shop. Over 2,400 cars, trucks and motorcycles jammed the parking lots and stretched close to Gillette Stadium.

Shortly after we arrived, we watched Tom Kewriga and Amy Beaumont arrive in Tom’s 1977 yellow Lincoln Continental. Amy smiled as she said, “This is 19 feet of car. Look, they had us park with the boats.” Tom explained that he “found the car on a lot in Norwood, MA and took delivery in March of this year. I picked the Lincoln because of its condition and style.”

Peter and Emily Bianchetto, Tom’s Foxboro neighbors, arrived in their white 1966 Ford Thunderbird. They exchanged pleasantries with Tom and Amy and then were kind enough to tell us about their car. “We’ve owned it three months,” Peter said. “We found it on vacation. We planned to go to Vegas, but didn’t. We went to Maine instead.” Emily picked up the story and added, “The Thunderbird was parked in front of the hotel’s office. When I inquired about it, it was for sale. We bought it on-the-spot.” The Bianchettos, have been married 43 years.

Causing quite a stir was Bob Potter’s great-looking 2006 GTM 200. “I built the car myself. There are seven in Florida and five in Massachusetts. I used to own a Lamborghini and a Viper. They weren’t fast enough. With its Corvette engine, the GTM 200 is fast enough,” he laughed. “I don’t drive it often, but I would love to put it on a track.”

Wareham, MA resident Arnold Morse had his 1978 Mustang II and his 2001 Ridley bike on show. “”We found five bikes in my neighbor’s shed – including this Shrek bike, Spiderman, King Kong and the Hulk. I kept bugging him, telling him I gotta have the Shrek bike. “I ride it everywhere. People tell me they see me all over on the bike.” Arnold turned the bike around for photos so we wouldn’t miss the 3D Shrek on it.

We looked at so many cars and so many bikes and talked to so many people that we left Foxboro with sore throats and sore feet…and determined to head back to Foxboro soon!

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