Colt Park City Day Car and Bike Show, September 4th, 2011

CP090411 081Hartford knows how to throw a partym and if Dave and I had $1.00 for every handshake and hug we got during City Day at Colt Park, we could buy one of Johnny Vasquez’s Cobras – the burgundy metallic one that Dave really likes. The Barrio Riders and The Regiment honored men and women in uniform with a bike run around Hartford, followed by a music festival and motorcycle and car show in Colt Park on Sunday.

Cruisin’ Photography’s first task was to find Beatriz “Smurfette” Lopez, from the Low-N-Furious Auto Club. She was smiling as she saw us coming because she knew we had her Smurfette-themed Digital Auto Art. After telling us, “I love it! I’ve been telling everyone about the picture!” Beatriz placed it among the pretty impressive collection of trophies displayed in front of her 1992 Honda Accord.

Game Over member and Hartford resident Kenny Manson was doing some last minute polishing to his 1973 Buick LeSabre. “I work at night, so this is the first show I’ve taken the car to this year. I was driving through Hartford 23 years ago and saw the car in someone’s backyard. It was pretty rusty, but I liked the car because it reminded me of the (red) Chevy Impala I had when I was younger. The woman I bought the car from was the original owner. You’ll see me out in this car every weekend if it’s nice.”

As we walked around the filled parking lot, Dave was teasing me about my fondness for men in leather… and Colt Park was the perfect place to see plenty of colors.

New Britain and the Universal Riders MC were well represented by Angel “Cacique” Luciano, club founder, his wife Josie and Juan “Smoke” Devalley. They were joined by fellow Universal Riders Juan “Solo” Hernandez and his wife India, who made the trip from Burlington. The quintet was so proud of the craftsmanship on their vests that they introduced me to Ralph Gonzalez, owner of Gonzalez Sports, who does the colors for many area clubs. Ralph gladly joined the Universal Riders for a photo.

Mark Furrow, owner of Everything 2 Wheels, told us E2W would be moving from Wethersfield to New Britain (230 South Street) on November 1, 2011. He and his wife, Paula, brought some pretty impressive bikes along.

City resident Marcus Brown came up and said hello and asked if we’d already photographed his 1978 Chevy El Camino SS. Brown, a member of Game Over, told us he’s “owned the car for 17 years, and bought it in White Plains, NY” as he brought us to the his ride. “There were holes in the floor and the major restoration took 17 years.” The car looked mighty good restored and done in deep blue paint.

Pete Cruz, another Game Over member who calls Hartford home, made our acquaintance before striking a pose by his 1980 Monte Carlo SS. We couldn’t leave him hanging, so we obliged with a photograph. “The car is original except for the body and interior. I bought it from Benton Auto Body nine years ago. Check out the custom interior, paint and audio.” And we did.

Dave is seldom stumped by the make and model of a vehicle – but he met his match on Sunday – a Pontiac Grand Villa. The 1974 beauty was a first for both of us. Taliya Ortiz was coaxed into posing in front of her “shy” uncle’s convertible, which was a whole lotta car.

Visiting a car show wouldn’t be complete for Cruisin’ Photography if we didn’t get to see Johnny Vasquez of Leather & Sound and his two drop-dead gorgeous Cobras. His entourage included Ray and Mari Medina, Albert Caquias and Jose “Potato” Cruz. Did I mention he also brought some promotional models?

Beatriz Lopez recently reminded Johnny that Dave has a claim on the burgundy Cobra and I have a claim on the blue one. Johnny wisely trailered the blue Cobra to Colt Park and assured me he has been taking good care of it. I was glad I had a chance to “visit” with “my” car. I hope Johnny has cleaned up the coffee he spilled in Dave’s, oops I mean his burgundy Cobra. Hope he drove it home safely.

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