Tri-State Cruisers Cruise Night, July 30th, 2011

PT090311 041As we pulled into the Sears parking lot in Putnam for the latest Tri-State Cruisers cruise night, I saw Dave’s gaze make a beeline for a bright green van. “Supervanarchy is here. Great. You can meet Jim and Gwen Arsenault. Remember I told you about them when I came back from Rhinebeck last year? They’re good folks. You’ll enjoy meeting them.”

So we parked and off we went, the bright green van our intended destination. We snuck up on Gwen and Jim, who were surprised to see Dave. After introductions, it took maybe a minute, and I felt like the Thompson, CT couple were old friends. As Dave and Jim caught up, Gwen showed me their 1966 Ford Econoline Supervan. “We bought it two years ago, and restored it in two months. It was originally an ambulance for the town of Woodstock, CT.” Gwen says she drives the van daily to work.

Supervanarchy’s owners were quick to tell us that a picture had been published in a recent issue of Kar Kulture Deluxe magazine, next to a photo of Jesse James. Jim teased us that they didn’t want to be left out, since Dave has had an illustrated feature about Hot Rod Fallout 2009 published in Ol’ Skool Rodz.

Dave Bigelow’s 1931 Model A was hard to miss. The orange color was simply superb, and the perfect color for the vehicle. I had to ask what the color was called. “Mack truck orange,” according to Dave, who lives in Douglas, MA. “I found the car on eBay, and then got in touch with the owner. I ended up meeting him at the Syracuse Nationals. The car, originally from Canada, has an all-steel body and the frame is original but has been boxed for additional strength to handle the power from the 350ci engine.

“I’ve owned the car three months. My wife is a teacher and she says she’s going to take this car out. I told her to make sure she’s not in a hurry because the car will draw a crowd. People like to ask questions about the car and they want to photograph it.” Cruisin’ Photography was no exception.

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