Dreamz II Reality – The Reality Show Finale, September 18, 2011

DIIR091811 027To steal a line from TNA wrestling superstar Kurt Angle, Sunday’s Dreamz II Reality Reality Season Finale in Chicopee, MA was real. It was damn real.

More than 125 vehicles packed into the Porter and Chester campus on a rapidly warming fall morning. Their owners spent hours shining them up, ready to battle for a boatload of beautiful trophies. Dave and I were there, vending the range of one-of-a-kind, innovative Cruisin’ Photography products. And to take photographs and have a good time, of course!

Hard Hitt’n Lowz First Lady Lilly Ortiz’s Cutlass came rolling in on three wheels. The striking blue and white car was the last lowrider Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio drove to the ring as part of their WWE entrance in 2005, shortly before Eddie’s premature passing. As Lilly was in charge of catering duties with the family hot dog emporium, HHL club member Hugo had the enjoyable job of piloting the car to the show.

Fellow HHL members Frank and Jo Ponteau arrived in their Cadillac lowrider followed by Tom Martin in his beautiful Impala, while Sam Rivera and his cute as a button daughter had Sam’s delicious white BMW on show next to Ulises’ sweet 350Z.

Luis Rosario and the Massachusetts-based BDC Auto Club, strong supporters of the DIIR weekly cruise nights held in Windsor, CT at Bart’s Drive-In, brought their airbrushed vehicles. BDC definitely deserve a mention. They are at most of the shows that we attend, and they always come in numbers to show their support.

Game Over rolled in with their big wheels gleaming. Chris Wood – who had two cars at the show this week – saw his Fox-body green and flamed Mustang earn the trophy for the Best Ford Mustang.

While Dave was on walkabout filling his memory card, the crew from the Eastern Connections Car Club paid me a visit. Joe, Mike, Brian and the rest of the guys are always good company and we spent quite a while discussing the various shows that we had been to recently.

Upon his return, Dave said that I should go and see the superb AMG Mercedes Benz that was around the corner in the overflow parking area. I grabbed the camera and went to investigate. Dave was right – the silver car was a beauty. I told the owner that Dave said I should pay the Benz a visit. The owner remarked that a guy with a funny accent had been drooling over it a few minutes earlier…

Motorcycles were represented by some quality machinery on display. The beautiful “Big Dog” bike gleamed in the sunshine, Street Terminators President Alex Hernandez’ Honda looked good, while our old friend Jr Mendez rode in on his always sweet Hayabusa.

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