C3 Fall Car Show, October 2, 2011

C3100211 021A beautiful fall afternoon, a car show…and cupcakes! Dave and I hit the trifecta at the C3 Car Show held in the CCSU Student Center parking lot.

Our first stop was to see our good friends from the Carbone/DeZenzo families, mainstays of the C3 Car Show. Krystina Carbone spotted us as we exited the parking garage, so there was no sneaking up on them.

It was hugs and handshakes all around when we reached Krystina, her fiancé Terry Bollacker, and her aunt and uncle, Linda and Tom DeZenzo. The DeZenzo’s rescue Doberman, Tai, and Dave became good buddies at C3’s Spring Car Show, so Tai immediately licked Dave’s camera lens and his hand.

Dave and I had shot Krystina and Terry’s engagement photos in June and we’ll be shooting their wedding in 2012. Linda made sure Dave and I each got one of her superb cupcakes – moist, light yellow cake topped with the perfect frosting. As we snacked on our cupcakes, she brought over a large one for us to take home. I made sure I finished my cupcake before I offered to stash the large cupcake in our car.

Krystina’s family was there to honor the memory of her cousin, Brian Wilson, Jr., who was 23 when a heart attack tragically cut his life short in 2008. Linda said her son had been an active member of C3, and the family was there to promote heart health and the American Heart Association. Helping Linda and Krystina with the promoting duties were Brian’s sister, Meaghan Stevens and her adorable son Louie. Brian’s car, a silver, six-liter 2006 Pontiac GTO, was prominently displayed. Linda lovingly showed us the many heartfelt messages family and friends had written on the car. Linda had photo displays under the hood and on the rear window, showing how active and full of life her son had been. Tom said his son had been a volunteer firefighter in Plainville and then in Burlington, and that he also enjoyed Jeeps and off-roading. Linda said it was important to get the word out that a heart attack can strike anyone, including someone like Brian, who was 23, active and in good health.

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