Cruise Night on Main Street Middetown – June 20, 2012

MMS 200612 014Temperatures well into the 90s and a humidity level of 70% did not deter the more than 4,000 people jamming downtown Middletown for The 15th Annual Cruise Night on Main, presented by Town Fair Tire and Middletown Nissan. The sultry first day of summer featured good food, good music and well over 800 classic cars, hot rods and muscle cars. The City of Middletown, Downtown Business District, Over the Hill Gang Eastern Chapter Car Club, Route 66 Cruisers, Liberty Bank, Charles Computer Services, NAPA Auto Parts, Servpro and Home Team Supply served as event sponsors. Continue reading


Colt Park City Day Car and Bike Show, September 4th, 2011

CP090411 081Hartford knows how to throw a partym and if Dave and I had $1.00 for every handshake and hug we got during City Day at Colt Park, we could buy one of Johnny Vasquez’s Cobras – the burgundy metallic one that Dave really likes. The Barrio Riders and The Regiment honored men and women in uniform with a bike run around Hartford, followed by a music festival and motorcycle and car show in Colt Park on Sunday.

Cruisin’ Photography’s first task was to find Beatriz “Smurfette” Lopez, from the Low-N-Furious Auto Club. She was smiling as she saw us coming because she knew we had her Smurfette-themed Digital Auto Art. After telling us, “I love it! I’ve been telling everyone about the picture!” Beatriz placed it among the pretty impressive collection of trophies displayed in front of her 1992 Honda Accord. Continue reading

Tri-State Cruisers Cruise Night, July 30th, 2011

PT090311 041As we pulled into the Sears parking lot in Putnam for the latest Tri-State Cruisers cruise night, I saw Dave’s gaze make a beeline for a bright green van. “Supervanarchy is here. Great. You can meet Jim and Gwen Arsenault. Remember I told you about them when I came back from Rhinebeck last year? They’re good folks. You’ll enjoy meeting them.”

So we parked and off we went, the bright green van our intended destination. We snuck up on Gwen and Jim, who were surprised to see Dave. After introductions, it took maybe a minute, and I felt like the Thompson, CT couple were old friends. As Dave and Jim caught up, Gwen showed me their 1966 Ford Econoline Supervan. “We bought it two years ago, and restored it in two months. It was originally an ambulance for the town of Woodstock, CT.” Gwen says she drives the van daily to work. Continue reading

Mass Cruisers Bass Pro Shop Cruise, August 18th, 2011

MC081811 331I used to think 800 cars at a cruise night was a huge turnout. Not any more. I got spoiled when Dave and I took the two-hour drive to Foxboro on Thursday, August 18th for the Mass Cruisers’ Cruise Night at the Bass Pro Shop. Over 2,400 cars, trucks and motorcycles jammed the parking lots and stretched close to Gillette Stadium.

Shortly after we arrived, we watched Tom Kewriga and Amy Beaumont arrive in Tom’s 1977 yellow Lincoln Continental. Amy smiled as she said, “This is 19 feet of car. Look, they had us park with the boats.” Tom explained that he “found the car on a lot in Norwood, MA and took delivery in March of this year. I picked the Lincoln because of its condition and style.” Continue reading

Charter Oak Firebirds, Panera Bread Cruise Night, August 6th, 2011

COF080611 017Lots of people, including Dreamz II Reality members Pete and Kathy Pires, have been telling Dave and me about the recent record turnouts at the bi-weekly Panera Saturday Night Cruises. So off we went to see for ourselves. Too bad the predicted rain kept some folks away.

After we parked, I knew where Dave was heading. He had spotted Kirk and Lilly Morgan’s Mustang as we pulled into the parking lot. We’d last seen the Morgans and their pony at the Mohegan Sun Rooftop Car Show on July 2nd, and it hadn’t been sporting those classy dark wheels. The blue color, accented by pearlized white stripes, and Lambo doors certainly make quite a statement. We were not the only people who thought Kirk’s ride was impressive as, later in the evening, the judges awarded the ‘Stang with the Best Of Show award. Continue reading

Tri-State Cruisers Cruise Night, July 30th, 2011

PT073011 036Dave and I have been hearing good things about the bi-weekly Tri-State Cruisers Saturday Night Cruise in the Sears Plaza in Putnam and our curiosity prompted our first trip to the eastern corner of Connecticut on Saturday. Drawing on cars from not just Connecticut, but Rhode Island and Massachusetts as well, this cruise promised to have many cars that we hadn’t seen before.

Early on, the familiar face of Joe Araujo, President of Eastern Connections Car Club, greeted us. The previous week, he had teased us about being in his neck of the woods at the Foundation Car Show held at Girard Ford in Norwich. On this Saturday evening, he kidded us about being in his backyard. Joe had left his 22-inch wheeled Chevy Caprice (and Cruisin’ Photography Auto Montage!) at home and had made the short journey to Putnam with Bryan Robbins in his slammed Chevy truck. Continue reading