Vanning 2011

Vanning 001As I start to compile a few dates for the 2012 Cruisin’ Photography calendar, my mind wanders back to some of the memorable shows/cruises that Kathy and I attended last year. For both of us, some of our best times were spent with the extremely friendly folks at van shows. Our first vantastic weekend was at the Four Town Fair Grounds in Somers for the Super Somer gathering. The day was hot and humid, but immediately the friendly nature of the vanners was apparent as they offered soda and water to make sure that we didn’t get dehydrated as we photographed the vans and interviewed the owners.

These guys want people to know that the halcyon days of vanning in the ‘70s never went away, and they’re working tirelessly to promote their side of the car show scene. Continue reading

A VAN-Tastic Weekend!

TFT111311 010On Saturday November 12th, Cruisin’ Photography headed out on I-84 West to the CoCo Key Resort in Waterbury, CT. Todd Vaillancourt and Mary Odom had invited Dave and me to the New England Van Council meeting, hosted by Just Us Vanners from Watertown, as their guests. That was an offer we couldn’t refuse.

Before the meeting, we spent time chatting with Todd and Mary. We inquired about “Vanformer” and how “The Machine” was progressing. In all, 25 van clubs were represented, so we got to meet a lot of new faces. Dave and I were formally recognized by the Council and thanked for our work in the promotion of vanning. After the meeting, we had the opportunity to catch up with Rooster Kenney and Trish Morrell, John Ostrander, Roger Moyles, Pat Doolan and Pete Guthrie. Continue reading

CT Xtremes Car Show, September 11th, 2011

CTXT091111 064Is one car show on a beautiful Sunday enough? Maybe for some people, but certainly not for Dave and me! After enjoying the Oldsmobiles in Berlin on September 11th, we headed south to Branford for the CT Xtremes Car Show at Porter and Chester.

As we drew close on Route 1, we heard the show before we saw it. And when we saw it, the Monster Truck perched atop its two “victims” first caught our eye, followed by the sheer volume and quality of the vehicles that filled two parking lots. Continue reading

Tri-State Cruisers Cruise Night, July 30th, 2011

PT090311 041As we pulled into the Sears parking lot in Putnam for the latest Tri-State Cruisers cruise night, I saw Dave’s gaze make a beeline for a bright green van. “Supervanarchy is here. Great. You can meet Jim and Gwen Arsenault. Remember I told you about them when I came back from Rhinebeck last year? They’re good folks. You’ll enjoy meeting them.”

So we parked and off we went, the bright green van our intended destination. We snuck up on Gwen and Jim, who were surprised to see Dave. After introductions, it took maybe a minute, and I felt like the Thompson, CT couple were old friends. As Dave and Jim caught up, Gwen showed me their 1966 Ford Econoline Supervan. “We bought it two years ago, and restored it in two months. It was originally an ambulance for the town of Woodstock, CT.” Gwen says she drives the van daily to work. Continue reading

Vandango XIII, September 3rd, 2011

VANDO090311 035Dave and I acknowledged more than a couple of certainties before we left home to “Trip the Light Vandango” on Saturday at the Brooklyn (CT) Fairgrounds. After having such a good time at Super Somer, we were certain Vandango XIII and the hospitality of the vanners wouldn’t disappoint. We were sure we’d catch up with some old friends, and make some new ones. We were certain we’d take lots of photographs and lots of notes for a lengthy blog, and for submission to Connecticut Cruise News. But we knew we were up to the challenge. Vanners have a story to tell, and they were glad to share them with us. Dave and I were right on all three counts. Continue reading

Connecticut Street Legends 2nd Annual Car Show, August 21st, 2011

SL082111 038Mother Nature, in the form of heavy rain the previous week (leading to rearranged shows), conspired to make Sunday August 21st a very busy day for Cruisin’ Photography.

The warm day started out at the Connecticut Street Legends’ Second Annual Car Show, held in conjunction with the Berlin Lions Club at the Berlin Fair Grounds. Once the gate receipts are tallied, half of the proceeds will go to the Lions and the charities they support.

Dave and I had already been to the Legends’ Toy Run on July 17th, which raised $4,600 and 4,000 toys for the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, and the August 6th benefit for Stan and Terry Rogers that raised more than $3,600 to help with their medical bills. Continue reading