Cruisin’ Photography has been extremely pleased to build many outstanding relationships with its customers. Below are some of the wonderful comments they expressed about the work they received.

“Great job as always, Dave” – Sergio Ortiz, President, Hard Hittn’ Lowz Car Club

“My Display Print is fantastic! I can’t wait to display it front of my car.”– Tom Martin, Vice President, Hard Hitt’n Lowz Car Club

“My Digital Auto Art pictures are awesome, I’m very happy. They’ve received many compliments. You guys are great!” – Tommy Hannon, TKO Fabco

“My Montage came out amazing!!! Thanks a lot for the awesome picture.” – Joe Araujo, President, Eastern Connections Auto Club

“Dave, you did an awesome job with the Vindicator Cycles story.” – Lauren Flaum, Editor, The Chronicle

“You’ve done an amazing job. Thanks for all you’ve done to make Mad Dog Busa even sexier.” – Gary Lambert, North East Cycle Shop

“I love the article you did about vanning. Awesome! You brought tears to my eyes.” – Todd Vaillancourt, New England Van Council

“Great job! Once again your work has blown me away.” – Rosa Velez, PRO, Frontline Auto Club

“Great shots! Thank you so much for being part of our day.” – Steve Di Stefano, Regional President, New York Mustangs

“The pictures look awesome! You got every shot I was hoping for and more besides. Thanks Cruisin’!” – Mike Brough, President, High Life Creationz Car Club

“With a vast knowledge of photography and experience taking photographs of motorsport that spans many years, Dave’s images are some of the best in the industry.” – Revolution Racing

“Truly amazing work.” – Tara McLain, Photographer, St. Louis, MI

“Your images are top notch. Your work is incredible and your website is also top notch.”
– Dave Cruikshank, Photographer, Wyomissing, PA

“Your work is great. I wish I could be that good.” – Chris Purves, Photographer, Prince George, BC

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