CT Xtremes Car Show, September 11th, 2011

CTXT091111 064Is one car show on a beautiful Sunday enough? Maybe for some people, but certainly not for Dave and me! After enjoying the Oldsmobiles in Berlin on September 11th, we headed south to Branford for the CT Xtremes Car Show at Porter and Chester.

As we drew close on Route 1, we heard the show before we saw it. And when we saw it, the Monster Truck perched atop its two “victims” first caught our eye, followed by the sheer volume and quality of the vehicles that filled two parking lots.

Beatriz “Smurfette” Lopez, First Lady of the Low-N-Furious Car Club, had an impressive display of trophies in front of her blue and white Honda. Club members Raymond Perez and Carlos Marques had been admiring the Digital Auto Art that Cruisin’ Photography had done for Beatriz and asked how soon we could photograph their Mitsubishi and Honda. As we talked, Carlos mentioned that Beatriz had bought the Honda from him and he was very pleased to see how well she was taking care of it.

There were plenty of big wheels there, only these weren’t for the kids. Game Over was well represented, starting with Chris Wood’s newest vehicle, a big box Chevy on 28s. We had first seen the car at the rainy Game Over show at Goodwin College. This time, with the sun shining, we got to really appreciate the car, and I realized I just might need a stepladder if I ever hoped to get into it. Dave and I got to meet Walter Little and told him how we had admired his black Chevy Impala at the CT Xotics show in Enfield. Turns out he had been admiring our work and asked if we could photograph his car for a cityscape Digital Auto Art.

We had missed seeing Todd Vaillancourt and Mary Odom when we went to Vandango in Brooklyn, CT, on September 3rd, so we were glad they were showing “Vanformer” in Branford. It’s a crowd pleaser wherever they take it and Sunday was no different.

Alex Hernandez, Michael Ward and the Street Terminators were a lively bunch. Park City Customs, La Familia, BDC Auto Club from Massachusetts, Inner Circle, Nocturnal and CT Xotics were also in attendance.

Dave and I rounded off yet another busy Sunday with a visit to IHOP on the way home and decided breakfast for dinner was just what we needed.

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One thought on “CT Xtremes Car Show, September 11th, 2011

  1. Always good reading from Crusin’ with Dave And Kathy. They sure get around the States, and make everyone’s day to see their rides in there posts, newspapers and web site. Great stuff!

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